Korab Resources

At Korab, we aim to minimise  the environmental impact of our activities by ensuring that our staff always conforms to the appropriate regulations and follows the guidelines set by environmental protection bodies.

One of the Korab's projects (Winchester) contains a significant magnesium resource. Magnesium's primary use is in appliances, motor vehicles and airplane frames where its high strength combined with its light weight enables manufacturers to achieve considerable weight savings. Lowering of the vehicle's weight reduces its fuel consumption and leads to lower emissions of greenhouse gases.

Another of our projects (GEOLSEC) contains a phosphate rock deposit which will be developed (subject to receiving required permits and approvals) to supply environmentally-friendly organic fertiliser to the agricultural sector in the Northern Territory and beyond.

This will support further expansion of sustainable agriculture and organic farming in Australia and provide substantial ongoing benefits to the environment and the community. Because of the deposit’s location, its structure and its characteristics, the development of the GeolSec project should have a negligible environmental impact.


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